Room Accommodations Now Available!!

Not only do we have our transient and seasonal camping sites but we offer rooms in our Guest House. Cozy rooms with comfortable beds and a three piece bathroom. We might not be a hotel with a fancy pool but we have the great outdoors and a beach! Being only 35 minutes from Sudbury, and [...]

The Quest for the RATTER CUP

The RATTER CUP is intended to be a bit of Golfing Fun and Friendship for the campers of Ratter Lake Campground.  You don’t need to be a good golfer to enjoy this summer long event. The idea is to head over Buckridge (the course is in great shape) sometime over the weekend and record a [...]

Kids Amazing Race!

What a crazy weekend! Thanks to Brenda and the various volunteers that helped her out, our first Ratter Lake Amazing Race was awesome. The kids all looked like they were having the time of their lives trying to complete all the tasks and get to the end of the race. I know I loved my [...]

2 Trailer for Sale – Updated May 17, 2013

Currently listed:    2 TRAILER FOR SALE All trailers are for sale with or without the lot at Ratter Lake Campground. If you wish to keep the trailer on the lot, you must contact management at Ratter Lake Campground before purchasing the trailer.  We reserve the right to allow or refuse access to Ratter Lake Campground.    2004 Wilderness Park [...]

Christmas in July 2010

I’ll start off by saying… What a GREAT Christmas in July! The weather was beautiful, at least most of the day, and everyone seemed to be in the spirit of things. The kids did an amazing job decorating the Christmas tree! They also made wonderful Christmas cards, which I should mention… Thank you Shelby and [...]

Canada Day Celebration!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day!! The kids were all adorable in their sea of red and white during the parade. It was great to see so many smiling faces. I would like to thank the Liz, Angie, and family for the great food at the charity BBQ! So far $1523 was raised for Camp [...]

Hello world!

Hey campers!!! Here is a little bit about Ratter Lake Campground. We are a friendly, family oriented campground. We have many children here and it is great to see them having a great time. They love their nerf wars!! They also love our beach, park, and activities we have throughout the year. Those activities for this [...]