The Quest for the RATTER CUP

The RATTER CUP is intended to be a bit of Golfing Fun and Friendship for the campers of Ratter Lake Campground.  You don’t need to be a good golfer to enjoy this summer long event.

The idea is to head over Buckridge (the course is in great shape) sometime over the weekend and record a 9 hole score for the week.  These scores will be used to calculate your “Ratter Handicap” for the season ending, 18 hole tournament where the bragging rights for an entire year will be determined, right Tammy.  There are normally at least a couple of groups that head out on Sunday mornings, feel free to jump in.

Please drop your cards off at the camp office, thanks Angel.  Angel has also graciously offered to donate a plaque for the Recreation Hall.  The cards will be collected and tallied weekly (if possible).  The results will be posted to both facebook sites and in the office.  Please note we will need names and dates on the score cards please, thanks.

Everyone wants to keep it simple, enjoy the fellowship and have a bit of fun throughout the camping season.  To get everyone on an even playing field we will once again be calculating everyone’s “Ratter Handicap”, which will be based on the Average of your lowest 4 scores over the summer,  “Ratter Handicap” = (AVERAGE of 4 Low – 35) * 2 to give an 18 hole handicap.

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

week 7

week 8

week 9

week 10

week 11










Average of Low 4                 47+45+46+46=184              184/4=46

“Ratter Handicap”             (46-35) X 2 = 22

The Ratter Cup Champion will be determined by the low net score posted at the season ending tournament.  18 hole score – “Ratter Handicap”.  If, in the event someone wants to compete for the Ratter Cup and has not been able to attain a “Ratter Handicap”, they are more than welcome to, their Handicap will be determined by either of the following 2 options.

    1. Official RCGA Handicap
    2. Handicap = 0

We have started a bit of a committee to help get this organized; anyone who wants to help out is more than welcome.  So far the committee members are:

Tammy Legrander, Rules

Chad Pichette, Member at Large

Steve Piercey, Score-keeper.

 As stated earlier, everyone wants this to be a bit of fun, we don’t want excessive rules, golf has enough already, let’s just use those, if in doubt don’t be afraid to ask someone.

Last year the 3 club Sunday was a great hit so we are proposing a couple of other fun outings throughout the season

  1. June 26, 3 Club Sunday, pick your favourite 3 clubs and play the 9 holes with only those 3 sticks.
  2. July 31, Lottery Tee Blocks, Saturday Night everyone will pick the tee blocks that you will be using for the round.  You will pick 9 times from the hat, the colour of your picks will be the tees that you use for the round, eg Hole 1 Red, Hole 2 Gold etc.
  3. August 21, 3-3-3, grab a partner and compete in a 2 person event, scoring as follows
    1. Holes 1-3, Scramble:  Both player tees off on each hole. The beter of the tee shots is selected and both players play their second shots from that spot. The beter of the second shots is determined; both play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.
    2. Holes 3-6, Alternate Stroke: Player A tees off, Player B takes the second shot, player A takes the third shot etc. until the ball is holed.  If Player A holes out, Player B will tee off on the next tee.
    3. Holes 7-9, Best Ball:  Each player on the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the hole, the team mark the lower of the 2 scores on their card.

 End of Season Tournament, Saturday September 3, with Sunday as a rain day.

 Looking forward to a great season of Golf, let the Quest for the Ratter Cup Begin!

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