Christmas in July 2010

I’ll start off by saying… What a GREAT Christmas in July! The weather was beautiful, at least most of the day, and everyone seemed to be in the spirit of things. The kids did an amazing job decorating the Christmas tree! They also made wonderful Christmas cards, which I should mention… Thank you Shelby and Genevieve for the cards you gave me, that was really special to me! To our Christmas carolers… you all have beautiful voices!

Another big thank you to everyone who participated in the Pot Luck supper. The food was delicious and there was so much of it, I didn’t know where to start. I’ll have to invite you all to come for real Christmas because the supper just won’t be the same!! hehehe!

Santa…. what can I say. You were superb! Thank you so much for coming all the way from the North Pole to visit the great kids here at Ratter Lake Campground. You don’t know how much I appreciated it. I’m sure I speak for all the kids too!

And once again… Liz… you are such an amazing person. Without you, I don’t know what I would do.

In the end, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas in July!!!

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